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The Challenge

Mammen Family Public Library already had a great reputation in their local community, but needed a website that reflected that elevated tone. We were challenged to improve their brand positioning and user experience with a new website.

The Solution

We performed a SEO audit and content audit to create new navigation and mobile experience. We leveraged their existing brand and media library to craft an elevated digital presence.


Mammen Family Public Library


The Results:


Percent increase in overall business


Percent increase of Google rank


Increase in organic rank

Customer Review
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Brand Positioning & Brand Elevation
Brand positioning includes a range of factors, such as the brand’s mission, values, personality, visual identity, messaging, and the key benefits and attributes it offers to consumers. The goal is to create a perception of the brand that is compelling, relevant, and memorable, and that resonates with the target audience.

Effective brand positioning can help a company differentiate its products and services in a crowded marketplace, build customer loyalty and advocacy, and ultimately drive business growth and success.