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Area120- Aloud
Results – 44% Conversion Boost

User Testing for a Google Product

The Challenge

Aloud is part of Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator for new products and services. Area 120 projects are early-stage teams that rapidly explore new, innovative opportunities. They needed YouTubers to come provide UX testing for their video dubbing software.

The Solution

Kori took lead on this project since she has a successful YouTube channel. The full deliverable was over twenty hours of product testing and UX auditing. This resulted in a 8-page UX report with over 80 key points of improvements for brand positioning, user navitgation changes, and content strategy. 



The Results:


Increase in Views


Estimated Increase in CRO


Audit Findings

Customer Review
“Thank you again for all your hard work! We appreciate your participation and feedback throughout the testing. We’re super excited. You’re our Trusted Tester! ” – Leigh M.
Brand Positioning & Brand Elevation
Brand positioning includes a range of factors, such as the brand’s mission, values, personality, visual identity, messaging, and the key benefits and attributes it offers to consumers. The goal is to create a perception of the brand that is compelling, relevant, and memorable, and that resonates with the target audience.

Effective brand positioning can help a company differentiate its products and services in a crowded marketplace, build customer loyalty and advocacy, and ultimately drive business growth and success.