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In-person or virtual training


Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Employees appreciate organizations that invest in their professional advancement. By offering digital marketing training, companies can boost employee morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

Improved Customer Engagement

Digital marketing training emphasizes customer-centric approaches and strategies. Employees learn how to identify and understand customer needs, behaviors, and preferences. which improves customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Investing in corporate training can yield long-term cost savings. Well-trained digital marketing professionals are less likely to make costly mistakes or overlook essential aspects of campaigns. They can optimize marketing budgets by focusing on high-impact strategies, minimizing wasteful spending.

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Benefits for both companies and their employees

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field with new trends, technologies, and strategies emerging regularly. Corporate training equips employees with the latest industry insights and best practices, helping them stay up-to-date and develop relevant skills. This knowledge can be immediately applied to improve digital marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and overall business performance.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity:

Well-trained digital marketing professionals can work more efficiently and effectively. They understand how to leverage various digital marketing tools, platforms, and analytics to optimize campaigns, target the right audience, and measure performance accurately. By streamlining processes and adopting data-driven approaches, employees can achieve better results within the same timeframe, leading to increased productivity.

Competitive Advantage:

In today’s digital landscape, effective marketing strategies are essential for staying competitive. Corporate training equips employees with the skills needed to navigate the digital marketing landscape and stay ahead of the competition. By developing a team of knowledgeable and skilled digital marketers, companies can differentiate themselves, reach their target audience more effectively, and seize opportunities in the marketplace.

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What to expect

Training for your in-house team

Is the training custom to our group?

Yes. We’ll set up a discovery call and send you a short survey to complete so we can identify your needs and align the training topics and timeline.

What topics do you teach?

We’re ready to teach any of our services from brand positioning to audience segmentation, from SEO & CRO.  

How long is the training?

Once we understand what topics need to be taught we will be able to help you assess the timeline. Some training can take place in a single session. Other sessions can extend over a few days or weeks. 

Is there a max number of learners who attend?

We’ve facilitated workshops for audiences as large as 8,000 in a live, virtual event or as small as a luncheon for a staff of six. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and to identify the best modality and group size.

Do you offer in-person or virtual?
Either modality is available. Contact us to learn more.
How much does corporate training cost?
A single two-hour workshop can be as low as $1,500. Connect today to schedule a discovery call.