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Coding Bootcamp
Results - 34% Conversion Rate
Lead Gen to Accelerate Education
The Challenge

Coding bootcamps have become an important source for not only for companies looking to hire technical talent but also for adults looking to accelerate their path into the tech industry. Codeup is a leader in the space and needed a strategy to boost conversion and quality for leads on their website.

The Solution

A full UX / SEO audit was our start which revealed a need for clarification of the courses offered and an opportunity for a secondary call to action. Understanding the traffic’s search intent moved us to A/B testing which resulted in an increased number of leads and their quality.




The Results:


Increase in Conversion


Increase in Leads


*actual screenshot from the campaign

“Codeup changes lives! It’s rare that we get to work with an organization that truly cares about its customers’ well-being and future. Codeup does! I worked in-house with this incredible organization. It was an honor to help them thrive through a pivot from in-person to virtual modality and back during the pandemic.” – Kori Ashton | Founder of MaxCRO

Conversion Rate Optimization
Brand positioning includes a range of factors, such as the brand’s mission, values, personality, visual identity, messaging, and the key benefits and attributes it offers to consumers. The goal is to create a perception of the brand that is compelling, relevant, and memorable, and that resonates with the target audience.

Effective brand positioning can help a company differentiate its products and services in a crowded marketplace, build customer loyalty and advocacy, and ultimately drive business growth and success.