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TEC Case Study
Results – 119% Conversion Boost

The #1 Calendar Plugin in WordPress

The Challenge

The Events Calendar is a leader in the WordPress community for topping the charts as a calendar plugin. Most traffic to the site is looking for “free” options. The challenge was to gain signups and move the visitor to purchase.

The Solution

We performed a CRO audit on the main website as well as the demo site. The analysis revealed many opportunities to improve conversion language and copy on the landing pages. We optimized Ads and ran multiple aggressive campaigns.


The Events Calendar


The Results:


Increase in Demo Requests


Increase in Add to Cart


Overall Goal Increase

conversion rate optimization
cro results

Actual screen captures from the PPC reports.

Customer Review

“Completely Different Class of Amazing! Sometimes you work with amazing people, and sometimes you work with Kori Ashton who is in a completely different class of amazing and has the rare skill of communicating complex problems so simply. Thanks for all you do, Kori.” – Hazel Q. Former Director of Marketing StellarWP
Conversion Rate Optimization
Brand positioning includes a range of factors, such as the brand’s mission, values, personality, visual identity, messaging, and the key benefits and attributes it offers to consumers. The goal is to create a perception of the brand that is compelling, relevant, and memorable, and that resonates with the target audience.

Effective brand positioning can help a company differentiate its products and services in a crowded marketplace, build customer loyalty and advocacy, and ultimately drive business growth and success.